Why Blog?

After several suggestions to start my own blog, including a couple from complete strangers, I’ve decided to finally wend my way around wordpress.com and get this junk-show rolling.

About my job: I work in the local county jail, which might conjure images of Andy Griffith to many, but in reality it’s a huge facility more akin to a prison than a “jail.” I teach literacy in a very unique charter school (there are only 2 in the country) located inside the jail that serves adult men and women who are seeking their high school diplomas. Oddly enough, after teaching in a public high school for 12 years, the jail is a breath of fresh air. Generally the students are respectful and motivated to learn, and their stories are so compelling, that I feel the need for a venue to tell them.

About my “life”: I live to workout. For 20+ years, I’ve been an avid cyclist, mountaineer, runner, backpacker, and peak bagger. Currently my passion is running, mainly I’ve focused on longer distances (50K- 50mi), but I fear those days are over, and I’m going to have to be more realistic about my 42 year old back and knees and go for something more sane like half marathons. I also enjoy ultralight backpacking. To wit, my base pack weight is currently just over 8 pounds.

About tech: No, I’m not talking about computer geek-dom; I’m talking about gear. For years, I’ve been a certified gear head, and I wanted a place to “review” and just vent about my choices and hopefully to garner some feedback about those choices and ones I’ve overlooked.

Generally: My “wife” Natalie and I are owners of two dogs and 14,000 honey bees. We are also considering purchasing a 1966 A-frame cabin in the Pecos Wilderness, so fixing that up could also be a rich source of humorous and/or frustrating posts.



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