Posted by: krusty505 | April 5, 2012

Excuses Excuses

December 8! That’s the date of my last post… Oh, Gawd. The horror of it, and the shame. I’ve had several “readers” request that I write something, FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, and my response is always, “Oh, I know I really need to get back to that.” But in reality life i.e. work (which is usually an inspiration) has lately become a grind, play (which I couldn’t do because of lingering injuries) has become a more prominent part of my life now that I’ve learned to work within my physical limitations, guitar has become a two-meetings-a-week-with-others proposition, and home has become a veg in front of the TV until my head hits my chin and Natalie drags me off to bed.

So writing has drifted into Never Never Land. Literally.

However, I do intend to get back to the blog, starting with a post on a presentation I made at Saint John’s College in Santa Fe a couple of months ago. I’m also planning an update on my physical health for those who might be interested, and I plan to write about a couple of new toys I got (2, yes, 2 bikes!). I’m playing guitar and ukulele regularly with a couple of folks, and I want to write a bit about that, too. Finally, Nat and I are planning on killing our television, and some might be interested in how that goes, too. For those who read this, please weigh in on the best way to go about nixing the TV. We are thinking about Hulu Plus, Netflix and a Roku, but we are extremely green on the whole no TV thing, and I’m a certified TV addict, so I’m going to go through some serious withdrawal.

So thanks for pestering me to kick myself in my own a$$ and start writing and sharing again. If you read my posts through Facebook, good luck because I kissed that gong-show good-bye (I hope for good).

Stay tuned and sorry for the extended hiatus…



  1. While we haven’t killed the tv, we did maim it by canceling cable. Guess what? We don’t miss it either. We are getting more projects done than ever before and don’t have as many ‘turn off the Tv’ moments with the kids.

    Just do it!

    • So are you doing Netflix or Hulu? I need some deets… Lol

  2. I will take your TV off your hands, then you will be forced to live your green lifestyle while I hook it up to satelleite, DVR, DVD and whatever other non-green, carbon-footprint-leaving, electronical piece of machinery I can find. Deal? Deal!

  3. Nice “bigger and better in Texas” comment, Pate.

  4. We got rid or our TV about 4 yrs ago (I KNOW!! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!) The first few years it was if we did not have a TV but now with Netflix and hulu I’d say it not that different 😕
    Missing you!

    • Molly without Tv!? If you can do it, I can do it…

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