Posted by: krusty505 | September 15, 2011

Half Marathons and Bee Stings

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that right now ultramarathons are out of the question. Between my back and my knee, going more than half marathon distance just doesn’t seem reasonable. However, given that I have run 50 miles at a stretch in the past, I’d like to think that a half marathon wouldn’t totally cripple me. To wit, I signed up for a trail half marathon last weekend. It was a little short notice, but I’ve been training to do the Duke City Half Marathon, and a 14 mile run was on my schedule anyway, so I figured ‘what the hell, how hard could it be?’

Turns out pretty hard! I did respectably overall and in my age group, just missing 3rd, but the run left me limping rather badly and basically set me back on my road to “recovery.” I have, however, decided that it’s time to see a knee surgeon and try to get this thing addressed. Ibuprofen, ice, ART therapy, yoga, being barefoot, and steroidal injections are not cutting (pun intended) it. I think it’s time for some real cutting.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, I came down with a cold on Friday. At the time, I thought it might be allergies, but as I progress into a week of coughing and being congested, I’m again forced to resign myself to the fact that I’m actually sick!

To top it all off, Natalie and I harvested honey on Sunday after the half marathon. We went over to another bee keeper’s house because he has an extractor with an electric motor attached. We met up with 5 other bee keepers and figured that splitting the labor up would cut our work time. In fact, there were so many people there extracting honey that I think it actually slowed us down. Of course, the resident bees were super attracted to the honey, which wasn’t a big problem until we started packing up our honey frames to leave. At that point the bees went berserk and started stinging everyone! Turns out I’m allergic!

This was my face Monday morning. I’m still a little swollen. Still limping. Still sick. Yeah, it’s been a hell of a week!



  1. Yeah, getting stung is no fun. To top it off our dog Milly also got stung and so did I. Fortunately Milly and I are not allergic. Poor Chrissy!

  2. OMG! I guess bee sting therapy is not an option for you pain. I itch just looking at that picture!

    • Actually it didn’t itch that much, but it sure was uncomfortable!

      • I asked Mike to cut my arm off one time after a reaction to a bee sting because it itched so bad- I was serious!!!!

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