Posted by: krusty505 | August 18, 2011

“Barefoot” and Limpless

Yesterday, I took the plunge and did an entire tempo workout (1 mi. warm up, 2 miles @ 7:45, 1 mi. easy, 2 mi. @7:45, 1 mi cool down) in my Merrel Barefoot Trail Glove shoes. For those of you who don’t know them, they have 0 heel to toe drop, which means they are totally flat. They also have no padding, so you pretty much have to run with a mid-foot strike, or it hurts.

Since my injury, I have not been able to do a run without some kind of limp afterward. Yesterday, I had no perceptible limp after my run, and today, though my calves are super sore, I am still limp free!

I’m sure my technique in not perfect yet, and I’d like to spare my calves the agony they are in now, but having virtually no knee and hip pain is a real bonus and a step (pun intended) in the right direction.

Today I’m going to order some Invisible Shoes. They are designed based on the Huaraches worn by the Tarahumara Indians of “Born to Run” fame. Not sure I’ll run in them right off the bat, but I will be wearing them virtually everywhere besides the jail, where I have to have on closed toe shoes.



  1. Like the pun, the invisible shoes? Not so much.

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