Posted by: krusty505 | June 13, 2011

Pitbull Speaks Out

For those of you who read Pomp and Circumstance or even for those who didn’t, I wanted to post this follow-up. Today, Pitbull, the guy who gave the moving speech at graduation came into my room first thing. He wanted to give me something to look at that he wrote for all the teachers here. I don’t really want to ruin it with any other prelude, so here it is quoted verbatim:

“To help a person realize the beauty and potential that lives in them is a hard task. A person must believe in themselves, regardless of all their downfalls and imperfections, grown from seedlings by the waters we call “mistakes.” This is an impossible goal you, as a teacher, have shown me over the past 5 months to be possible. I have to admit you brought this person back who was, I thought, dead a long time ago.

To the teachers, and only the teacher, I have to tell you that you’ve helped me change my life. I guess you can say “you saved me.” Whatever it is that you teachers here have, please DON’T lose it! I can tell you all will inspire, change, and save many more lives in the future. It’s not often people believe in people “like us.” I’m sure many of us would have been lost forever if you guys weren’t there to talk to and lean on… I would have been.

I wish I could just show my heart for every eye to see right now because words can’t express enough of what I feel. It’s a miracle to return a son, father, and friend back to the world. If this is what you sought out to accomplish when you started teaching, then you should be proud of yourselves. I appreciate you all reaching out and doing what you love to do. You’re all great teachers.”

I think, I hope Gordon Bernell would be proud of those words.



  1. Man, that is genuine appreciation and enlightenment. You must remind your students to carry that feeling of accomplishment and gratitude with them forever.

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